The Laws of cricket apply to Super 8 T20 Cricket, with some exceptions:

  1. Super 8 T20 Cricket match is played between 2 teams of 8 players in each team.
  2. An over will consist of six balls. If a wide/no-ball is bowled in an over, the ball will not be re-bowled and the batsman will be awarded with 2 runs. There has to be 6 legal balls bowled in the last over of an innings.
  3. A bowler can only bowl 1/5th of the total overs in an innings.
  4. A maximum of 4 fielders can be on either side of the wicket at any time.
  5. Any delivery that goes past the leg stump without touching the bat or batsman is a wide. For off-side wides, the umpire will have a marker before the match.
  6. Full toss delivery (by fast bowler only) that is above waist height is no-ball and will be called by the Official Umpire only. All no-balls result in a free-hit to the batsman, where the batsman can only be dismissed through a run-out, hitting the ball twice, obstructing the field or handling the ball. If a no-ball is bowled at the end of an over, the first ball of the next over will be a free-hit. One shoulder height delivery per over is allowed. Any delivery above the batsman's head will be called a wide ball.
  7. In a rain affected game, both teams will have to bat a minimum of 10 overs. Revised totals will be calculated on a runs per over basis. If it rains during the innings break, the score for the team batting first will be calculated by taking their 6 best run-scoring overs and 4 worst run-scoring overs.
  8. Each team is to wear an identical team uniform (t-shirts provided by the organizers) and matching trousers/shorts.
  9. Looking at the social nature of Super 8 T20 Cricket, a player can play for multiple teams provided he has been registered  with different teams. A player can play for a team in the knock-out/semi final stage provided he has played atleast one round match for that team. If a team does not have enough players to form a team, the captain may inform the opposition captain and management. The player in question will bat at number 8 and can only bowl upto 2 overs in a full match. If more than one player is in question, prior approval is required from the management.
  10. Players who were part of the winning/losing team in the knock-out stage of a league will not be allowed to play for another team during that league.
  11. The match may also end as a draw if scores of both teams are equal at the end of the match regardless of wickets fallen. There will be no draw in the knock-out stage of the league.
  12. Each team will have to bowl one over each called ‘Super Over’. ......In simple words, the match will be of one over per innings and only 3 batsmen can bat.
  13. The side bowling first can choose the end from where they want to start the innings. The second innings will also start from the same end.
  14. To receive the Bonus point in a match, the winning team must have won the match by a margin of 25%. For example, team batting first scores 100 runs, the team batting second scores the required 101 runs to win the match at the end of the 15th over, the winning team will get the Bonus point. Similarly, team batting first scores 100 runs and restricts the the team batting second  to  score 75 runs in 20 overs than the winning team will get the bonus point. Only the winning team can get the bonus point. If team batting first scores 125 runs then team batting second needs to chase the target of 126 runs in 15 overs or less on the other hand team batting first needs to restrict the opposition at or less than 94 runs (93.75). Where calculations are in decimal figures it must be carried forward to the next digit.
  15. If possible the rained out match will be rescheduled. However, if not possible, each team will be awarded 2 points.
  16. If teams have equal points at the end of the group stages in a league, net run-rate will decide the top teams.
  17. A new ball will be used at the start of each innings in a match. Bowling end will only be changed once  10 overs have been bowled from one end. Batsmen will change ends at the end of each over.
  18. If a team forfeit a match, they will be charged match fee x 2, one point will be deducted from the points table and the opposing team will be awarded maximum points for the match.
  19. If a team does not turn up on match day, they will be charged $200/- on every occassion. If a team pulls-out of the leage at any stage an invoice to settle the balance on the team statement for the league will be sent to the team.  On non-payment, local authorities will be informed for debt collection.
  20. All games are played at the players own risk. Super 8 T20 Cricket, will not be held liable for any damage to property or injury, caused during a game, to oneself or a third party.

Please Note: Captains, Players and Umpires are responsible for upholding the "Spirit of Cricket".


In consideration of, and as a condition of acceptance of my entry in the Super 8 T20 Cricket League, I declare and agree that:

  1. I am physically fit and am not aware of any medical condition, impairment, disease, illness or any other reason why I should not participate in the Super 8 T20 Cricket League and that I have not been advised by a qualified medical practitioner not to participate.
  2. My participation in the Super 8 T20 Cricket League is at my own risk.
  3. I release and indemnify all those entities and persons associated with the operation of the Super 8 T20 Cricket League, including Super Eight Pty Ltd, league sponsors and cricket ground owners, together with their respective employees, agents,   representatives and officers (those indemnified), from and against any claims of any kind (whether at tort, contract or statute) including personal injury, death or property damage, however caused (including negligence) and arising out of my participating in the Super 8 T20 Cricket League.
  4. I indemnify those indemnified, from and against any claims made against them arising from personal injury, death or property damage caused to another person by me in the course my participation in the Super 8 T20 Cricket League.
  5. I consent to photographs and electronic images being taken during participation or any league game or related activity, and acknowledge that any images are the property of the organisers of the Super 8 T20 Cricket League and that the Super 8 T20 Cricket organisers or any of its sponsors or groups or individuals associated with the league may use such images for promotional or other purposes without further consent being necessary. Further, the Super 8 T20 Cricket organisers may use my name, image, likeness and performance in the event, at any time, in any media, to promote Super 8 T20 Cricket.
  6. I consent to receiving medical treatment during or immediately after the event if unable to provide consent at the time such treatment is deemed to be required.
  7. I will comply with all rules, regulations, and event instructions relating to the Super 8 T20 Cricket League.
  8. I agree to receive mailings (by email or post) from the Super 8 T20 Cricket organisers, sponsors or other groups and individuals associated with the league.
  9. This agreement is governed by the laws of the Australian Capital Territory. If any part of this agreement is held to be invalid or otherwise unenforceable then that part will be deemed to be severed without affecting the enforceability of the remainder of this agreement.